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Andlitsgríma - þriggjalaga- Snood

Andlitsgríma - þriggjalaga- Snood

Andlitsgríma - þriggjalaga- Snood

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Hálsbuff sem er með grímu, sem er með margnota filter í, hægt er að handþvo filterinn í grimunni allt að 120 sinnum.  Þvo má buffi sjálft í þvottavél. 

Ekki er hægt að skila grímum vegna sóttvarna.

Not only keep warm, but also prevent particles. 

The perfect alternative to the standard preventative mask in winter. Masksup Winter Respirator Snood not only keeps you warm, but also prevents airborne pollutants. 

Highly Efficient Particle Filter Composit:Our winter-ready respirator snood has a custom-made filter element designed to filter out PM 2.5 particles, which can protect wearer from poor air quality dust, pollen, wood shavings, mold, biological products and other tiny airborne pollutants. It is tested and certified by authority, with minimum of 99% prevention against particles down to the size of 0.1µm.

Removable Filter:The insert filter can be removed and reusable up to 120 times. Saves over 85% compared with disposable masks and leaves less waste to our planet.

Warm Plush Materials:Our Winter Respirator Snood is made of heat storage material. The surface material isolates cold air from the body, while the inner material stores the heat to keep the body warm.

Light and Breathable: The honeycomb fabric provides perfect breathability with the ultra lightweight. 

Adjustable size: The Winter Repspirator Snood is designed with adjustable drawstring, which allows wearer to adjust the width of snood. 

Eco Friendly: Our filter is designed with eco-friendly material: NATURAL LATEX to minimize our impact on the environment while promoting ethical responsibility.

Mashine Washable:The Winter Repspirator Snood is machine washable, simply remove the insert filter and toss it in the washing machine.

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