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Járbrautalest - með brú

Járbrautalest - með brú

Járbrautalest - með brú

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Express train in XL format with 60 parts

Here, the express train runs over a suspension bridge and even crosses tunnels on its journey.
Good opportunity for fun role-playing games.

The train rails can be combined with all commercially available rail systems.

Size approx .: 83 x 83 x 20 cm; fire station 7 x 2.5 x 8.5 cm
Material: wood
Number of parts: 60
Delivered in a small foot colored box
Weight including packing approx .: 1.98 kg
Recommended for children from 3 years
Complies with European standard EN71

14 daga skilafrestur
2-4 dagar
Bæjarlind 1-3