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Stuttermabolur - hvítur

4.480 kr
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You will love these new 'Pineapple Dance' classic t-shirt for younger girls. Set has foil or glitter print Pineapple logo designs to show off their style credentials.

Part of the new Pineapple range of clothing for younger girls, now available online.

  • Rib neck
  • Foil print logos
  • Fabric: 50% Cotton, 50% Viscose

    To ensure a long and fashionable life for your new purchase, please refer carefully to the product label on your Pineapple garment for care instructions.

    We recommend washing your Pineapple clothing inside out on its own or with similar colours using a cold wash cycle no higher than 30 degrees in order to protect the fabric and any print. Our prints are processed under high heat and it is possible that friction from other clothing during the wash cycle could affect the durability of the print. 

    Do not tumble dry your Pineapple clothing but allow it to air dry naturally. For extra care we recommend re-shaping by stretching garments while they are still damp.

      Stuttermabolur - hvítur
      4.480 kr

      14 daga skilafrestur

      2-4 dagar

      Bæjarlind 1-3