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Hlífar Ramp - bláar - 3 sama í pakka

4.990 kr
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Designed with exclusive impact caps and heavy duty fixing rivets, these pads are perfect for young recreational skaters. Providing great comfort and support with the protective liner covering top and bottom of the pads. The branded Velcro straps allows for a 360 wrap, and the pads are fitted with an elasticated support sock, all of which are designed to keep them comfortable and secure!

  • Knee, Elbow and Wrist Guard Triple Pad Set
  • Certified Protection for Junior Users
  • Exclusive SFR Impact Caps with Heavy Duty Fixing Rivets
  • Top and Bottom Protective Padding with secure Velcro Straps
  • Soft Feel Inner lining and Elasticated comfort lining Sock
  • Available Colours: Black // Pink // Blue
        Hlífar Ramp - bláar - 3 sama í pakka
        4.990 kr

        14 daga skilafrestur

        2-4 dagar

        Bæjarlind 1-3