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Olnboga hlífar JETSPEED FT6 Junior

16.650 kr
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The CCM JetSpeed FT6 elbow pads are designed to give elite players an excellent combination of protection, mobility, and customization needed to perform but at a lower price point.

  • AER-TEC thermoregulation system for maximum breathability.
  • 3-piece flex motion design for mobility.
  • Reinforced high-density foam in the forearm.
  • Elbow cap includes molded PE with exposed EVA foam.
  • Floating bicep pad with PE insert for protection. 
  • Y-shape middle lock strap to prevent the elbow pad from moving.

Elite players need high-level equipment, including elbow pads, that will keep them protected but won’t restrict their movement. The 2023 CCM JetSpeed line of protective equipment does just that, especially in the top of the line models, with the help of many great technologies and innovations.

One such feature is the improved construction that follows the elbow’s natural movements. Amplified mobility is made possible by the 3-piece flex motion design so you can dangle, pass and shoot with the best of them. This is complemented by AER-TEC thermoregulation system that will help keep you cool and dry. 

In the JetSpeed FT6 elbow cap, CCM uses a molded PE with JDP construction and an exposed EVA foam cover which helps to disperse the force of impact away from the elbow.  In the forearm there is reinforced high-density foam for lightweight protection. These technologies combine to shield you down the arm from pucks and sticks.

In the bicep CCM uses high-caliber coverage with plastic PE inserts and a premium sublimated liner for optimal comfort. For the attachment system, the FT6 includes a Y-shape middle lock strap and a nylon forearm strap. This is designed to secure the elbow pad in place while maintaining an excellent level of comfort and mobility that will keep you locked in.

While there are other pieces of protective equipment that get more attention, elbow pads are very important and vital to injury prevention. CCM offers excellent protection and mobility in the JetSpeed FT6 elbow pad; built for the player who skates 3+ times a week and is looking for top-end technology but doesn’t want to pay at the highest price point.

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    Olnboga hlífar JETSPEED FT6  Junior
    Olnboga hlífar JETSPEED FT6 Junior

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