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504 Dewdrop - barna - Flesh Satin

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Barnaskór fyrir Latin dans

Dewdrop 504; Flesh Satin Girl’s Latin American Sandal.

Crafted by hand to the highest possible standards, our Leather Dewdrop dance shoes are perfect for the young dancer. These beautifully made dance shoes have characteristics that have been specifically designed for the young foot. The Dewdrop has non slip,anti slide, suede heel tips. Also, the lining and socking have antibacterial properties. The Dewdrop has a square toe shape and an adjustable front, together with a hook buckle ankle strap, for ease of putting on and taking off the shoes. This style is designed to provide optimum arch support for the young dancer.

• Girl’s Sandal with enclosed front with adjustable front strap.
• Square toe insole.
• Specially developed insoles to support the arches of young girls.
• Specially designed girl`s heel.
• Ray Rose Logo buckle.
• Traditional rounded back.
• “Non stretch” stripping.
• Anti bacterial microfiber sock and lining.
• Adjustable hook buckle at ankle.
• Gel foam padding under sock.
• Anti slip suede heel tips.

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